Index of values

affected [Mysql]
affected result returns the number of rows changed by the last UPDATE, or deleted by the last DELETE, or added by the last INSERT, or the number of rows returned by the last SELECT

blob2ml [Mysql]
Use for all MySQL BLOB and TEXT types

change_user [Mysql]
change_user dbd db tries to change the current user and database.
client_info [Mysql]
Return the MySQL client library version
column [Mysql]
Returns one field of a result row based on column name.
connect [Mysql]
connect db connects to the database db and returns a handle for further user

date2ml [Mysql]
datetime2ml [Mysql]
decimal2ml [Mysql]
defaults [Mysql]
Login information using all defaults
disconnect [Mysql]
disconnect dbd releases a database connection dbd.

enum2ml [Mysql]
errmsg [Mysql]
errmsg dbd returns an error message in case the last operation on dbd failed
errno [Mysql]
errno dbd returns the error_code for the last action on dbd.
escape [Mysql]
escape str returns the same string as str in MySQL syntax with special characters quoted to not confuse the MySQL parser
exec [Mysql]
exec dbd str executes a SQL statement and returns a handle to obtain the result.

fetch [Mysql]
fetch result returns the next row from a result as Some a or None in case there is no next result.
fetch_field [Mysql]
Returns the information on the next field
fetch_field_dir [Mysql]
Returns information on a specific field, with the first field numbered 0
fetch_fields [Mysql]
Returns information on all the fields
fields [Mysql]
fields result returns the number of fields in a row
float2ml [Mysql]
Use for MySQL FLOAT, DOUBLE and REAL types

host_info [Mysql]
Return information about the server connection

insert_id [Mysql]
insert_id result returns the ID generated by the last INSERT query in a table with an AUTO_INCREMENT column.
int2ml [Mysql]
Use for all MySQL signed integer types but BIGINT
int322ml [Mysql]
int642ml [Mysql]
iter [Mysql]
iter_col [Mysql]
iter_cols [Mysql]

list_dbs [Mysql]
list_db Return a list of all visible databases on the current server

map [Mysql]
map_col [Mysql]
map_cols [Mysql]
ml2blob [Mysql]
ml2date [Mysql]
ml2datel [Mysql]
ml2datetime [Mysql]
ml2datetimel [Mysql]
ml2decimal [Mysql]
ml2enum [Mysql]
ml2float [Mysql]
ml2int [Mysql]
ml2set [Mysql]
ml2str [Mysql]
ml2time [Mysql]
ml2timel [Mysql]
ml2timestamp [Mysql]
ml2timestampl [Mysql]
ml2year [Mysql]
ml322int [Mysql]
ml642int [Mysql]

names [Mysql]
names result returns an array of the field names for the current result
nativeint2ml [Mysql]
not_null [Mysql]
not_null f v applies f to Some v.

opt [Mysql]
opt f v applies f to optional value v.

ping [Mysql]
ping dbd makes sure the connection to the server is up, and re-establishes it if needed.
pretty_type [Mysql]
Turn a field-type type into a string for printing
proto_info [Mysql]
Return the protocol version being used

quick_change [Mysql]
Another shortcut
quick_connect [Mysql]
Shortcut for connecting to a database with mostly default field values

select_db [Mysql]
select_db Switch to a new db, using the current user and password.
server_info [Mysql]
Return the MySQL server version
set2ml [Mysql]
size [Mysql]
size result returns the size of the actual result set (number of rows)
status [Mysql]
status dbd returns the status of the last action on dbd
str2ml [Mysql]
Use for MySQL CHAR and VARCHAR types

time2ml [Mysql]
timestamp2ml [Mysql]
to_row [Mysql]
to_row result row sets the current row.
types [Mysql]
types result returns an array with the MySQL types of the current result

values [Mysql]
values vs takes a list of strings and returns a string "(a,b,c ..)" where values are separated by comma and the whole list is enclosed into parentheses.

year2ml [Mysql]