Raevnos' Function Library

The Function Library is a group of objects with a bunch of (Mostly and hopefully) useful ufuns and other softcode, all released under the Lesser GPL. It currently has three parts:

Predicates And Transformation Functions

These are simple ufuns meant to be called by filter(), map(), and the like. Most of the attribute names are self-explanatory. They include:


This is a fully functional algebraic calculator capable of most basic math operations -- addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, powers, and factorials. It even understands complicated expressions like 2 (3+2*(5/3^2))

Its interface is the calc attribute - u(#calc/calc, expression).


These are typically more complex functions than those on the predicate o bject.


Get it here. Current Version: 1.0.

Current versions can be gotten from M*U*S*H. I don't update the copy on this page very often.

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