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This is basically an online version of my to-do and wish list for PennMUSH. Enjoy. Please note that all opinions and desires expressed are my personal ones and do not neccessarily reflect 'offical' policy and opinions. In other words, don't get mad at me.

TinyFugue News

TinyFugue is a wonderful client. Use it, especially version 5. I used to have some hacks to version 4 but everything I was doing was done for 5 by Hawkeye.

Guides for hacking

First, the good old Javelin's Guide For PennMUSH Gods. Second, the newer collaborative books at community.pennmush.org, in particular the Hacking PennMUSH and Managing PennMUSH ones, which are replacements for Javelin's Guide. Third, some of my stuff.

Useful stuff

Just what it sounds like.


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