This is the index to the MUSH online help files.

  For an explanation of the help system, type:    help newbie
  For the list of MUSH commands, type:            help commands
  For the list of MUSH topics, type:              help topics
  For an alphabetical list of all help entries:   help entries 
  For a list of entries that match a pattern:     help <wildcard>
  For information about PennMUSH:                 help code
  For a list of flags:                            help flag list
  For a list of functions:                        help function list 
  For a list of attributes:                       help attribute list
  To see the configuration of this MUSH:          @config
  On many MUSHes, list local commands with:       +help

If there are any errors in the help text, please notify a wizard in the game, or send mail to, which is the address of the team who develop PennMUSH (and its distributed help files) but probably have no relation to this MUSH in particular.


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