To-Do List

Stuff that will probably make it into Penn

These are things that will probably end up in PennMUSH sooner rather than later.

Things I'm working on or supposed to be working on

In rough order of priority/how soon it'll happen:

Things I might someday work on

In no particular order. I have a lot more ideas than time to work on them... and there's no garuntee that any of these will make it in.

Things that I'd like to see in Penn but probably aren't going to make it

If you see these at all, they'll probably be as contrib patches or in the far future.

Stuff I've done

This stuff already exists.

Things I want to take out!

These probably won't happen because they break backwards compability.

Other resources


Good Enough
A way to do something that works well enough for current purposes, even though there's better ways to do it. A low-priority canidate for replacement.

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